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moons apple pie

adapted from snow, adapted from rose levy berenbaum, adapted from james martin, adapted from jamie oliver, and adapted from my minds in answer to a FAQ, no, i cannot and will not “just choose one and stick to it”.

never having made an apple pie or any sort of pie, but having worked extensively in the realm of tarts, it was with fascination and holy horror that i approached this here pie. and inevitably i made a mountain out of a very big hill. but thats how we roll. torn between so many pie crust pastry recipes, it started to feel increasingly as though culinary walls were closing in on me and that old defeatist voice inside my head kept telling me to give it up. fortunately the other voice in my head that says things like ‘have an easter egg’ was louder and clearer and won the day. sugar and cocoa coursing through my veins i returned to the task with a clarity (or perhaps it was an enabling lack of clarity) of thought and went with the shortcrust i know well, modified marginally to suit a pie. so here it is…

shortcrust pastry…ingredients

500g plain flour

100g icing sugar

pinch of salt

250g unsalted butter

2 large eggs

1 egg yolk

in food processor, or using the two food processors god gave you*, mix the butter, flour, salt and sugar together until coarse breadcrumb stage. add one egg at a time until combined. then bring the dough together to form a ball (it will be quite wet by the time your third egg goes in so dont be alarmed and start sending kitchen aids down to the shop for more flour to start again…accept your lot and hope for the best.) wrap in gladwrap and put in the fridge to chill for as long as you want…minimum an hour.

remove pastry after time passed, cut off a third and put it to one side. roll out the rest. i found a remarkably efficient way is between two sheets of baking paper. roll the pastry up over your rolling pin and gently unroll it over a 26-28cm pie dish. push it into the edges. prick the base with a fork several times. (if you have not yet made your apples or have them ready for tipping into said pie dish, then put this back in the fridge to chill and remove at the appropriate point…when that is is really not for me to say. for me it took place somewhere between 11 oclock and why is this all taking so long o’clock)

* nb. this is not indicative of any particular religious bent nor is it an endorsement of the god delusion or any form of organised religion. my religion is rap.

apple filling…ingredients

10 granny smith apples peeled and thinly sliced

1 lemon

100g sugar

1 vanilla pod

50g butter

1 egg beaten

preheat your oven to 180 degrees. put the apples with a squeeze of lemon juice, the sugar and a de-seeded vanilla pod into a bowl and let mascerate for one an hour-ish.

tip the juices out from the apples and set aside in a separate bowl…this can either be used to spoon over apples once they are in the dish or put on the stove and reduced down to create a concentrate a la snow. i did the former.


remove pie dish from its place of chilling. tip in the apples and dot with knobs of butter. spoon over some of the reserved apple juices.

then get the third of pastry from the fridge. roll it out to form the lid and place it atop the apples. its best i think if you have a mountain of apples so when you lay the pastry over the top, you can see the bumps and curves of the apples which lie beneath. brush the sides with egg wash and squeeze the edges together. remove excess pastry from the sides. brush the top with egg was and sprinkle with sugar (and cinnamon if thats what does it for you).

place this monster in the oven and bake for 55-60 minutes.

it wasnt what i wanted or dreamed of, it wasnt snows, and it wasnt done with the same aptitude and certainly without the joie de vivre. but it was done and it was what it was…and what more can you ask from your own creative production? and isnt that sense of emptiness and impossibility and ultimately failure inevitable? but we march on and eat on regardless. so cut into it and eat with vanilla ice cream or cream if youre like that, custard if your blood is english, alone if you are a purist…and you’d be right to be. its roof of the mouth burning stuff and as nigella says, other than a bath thats not hot enough burning your mouth is one of lifes great go gentle.


snows apple pie…

because it deserves its own post.

apple pie (adapted from Rose Levy Berenbaum)

Rose makes the ultimate all-American Apple Pie. However, I for one feel a little uncomfortable at the idea of gelatinous apples (and America in general for that matter), so I’ve adapted this recipe to form my ultimate Apple Pie. Not sickly sweet! No blind baking needed! Flaky crust guaranteed! No egg glaze because Moon hates eggs! Apples to die for! Leftovers for breakfast!

BEFORE YOU BEGIN: get your kitchen assistant (the most useful item in your kitchen is your kitchen assistant. If you don’t have one I recommend and will loan you my sister, who has 10 years of tray-greasing experience and is now an excellent baker in her own right, for a very reasonable rate) to grease a 9 or 10 inch pie tin, depending on how you like your pie/crust ratio.


12 tbsp unsalted butter, frozen for ½ an hr

2 c + 3 tbsp all purpose flour (don’t overload your cups, keep it fluffy!), also frozen for ½ hr.

¼ tsp salt

¼ tsp baking powder

4.5 oz cream cheese

1 tbsp apple cider vinegar

(OPTIONAL: 1 tbsp sugar, I don’t but you can. This is America, after all)

• cut butter into cubes & freeze for at least ½ an hr. freeze dry ingredients in a bowl for at least ½ hr

• rub together to form a crumb, add cream cheese and then vinegar.

• If needed, add 1-2 tbsp iced water.

• When mixture has come together and feels slightly elastic, shape into 2 balls, cover in glad wrap and refrigerate for at least ½ hr. (This picture is funny)

• Refrigerate for ~1/2 hr. roll out (I like to roll out onto the glad wrap cover as this makes it easy to pick up and put in pie tin)


3 pounds apples, peeled, cores & cut into ¼ inch slices

1.5 tablespoon freshly squeezed lemon juice

¼ c light brown sugar

¼ c granulated sugar

vanilla (nobody’s looking how much you put in)

½ tsp salt

2 tbsp butter

1 tbsp + 1 tsp breadcrumbs


• Mascerate sliced apples, lemon juice, sugars, vanilla & salt for ½ hr- 1 ½ hrs

• Pour liquid from apples into a small saucepan, add butter & reduce for 5-10 mins, till liquid is thicker & a little sticky.

• Add breadcrumbs to apple mix and toss

• Pour liquid over apple mix & stir through


• Set oven to 425 F
• Roll Pastry flat, line bottom of greased pie tin

• I like to add a very fine layer of breadcrumbs at this point to help separate the pie crust from the pie filling.

• Fill pastry with apples- I really like to overload, they will cook and soften so really go to town. Put a big baking tray on the rack beneath your pie tin to catch any juice if you’re worried

• Top with 2nd rolled sheet of pastry- I like to flute the edges.

• Cut a few slits in the top of the pastry, decorate any which how.

• Serve with ice cream/cream/assorted Americana


• It’s already the most divine thing you’ll ever taste, but why not add a few raisins and cook for 10/15mins on low heat, making a kind of apple raisin vanilla butter compote. Great with anything, particularly oatmeal, yoghurt and mornings.

Sophie Delizio!!

THE AUTEUR’S: NYC correspondant Jo Schornikow, special assistance from Joseph Raite