cauliflower soup and the end times


as per this weeks request…cauliflower soup. a la the glorious, the underrated and the misrepresented, karen martini


2 heads of cauliflower

2 leeks

1 onion

2 cloves of garlic

2 potatoes finely sliced

30-50 g butter

pinch cayenne pepper

(karen uses curry powder and a bit of mustard. i dont but she definitely knows best)

150 ml milk/cream

1 litre chicken/veg stock



first cut up cauliflower into its respective florets, toss with olive oil, salt and pepper and roast at 180 for about 30 mins or until golden and carmelised

in a big pot put olive oil, leeks, onion and garlic and cook til soft

add the potatoes

add the butter

stir until the potatoes start to change colour

add salt, pepper, cayenne

add the roasted caulfilower and stir so its all coaty

pour in the stock and simmer til its all softened

pour in milk or cream

blitz til smooth


in conclusion a) apologies for the gross splats on the side of the bowl there and b) its quite heavy so can i recommend ordering our garden salad to accompany the dish



1 Response to “cauliflower soup and the end times”

  1. 1 oj September 11, 2017 at 3:29 pm

    sometimes i come for the recipes. sometimes for a moments peace. always for the wordliness, which is godliness. here i am again, in my safe space. where i can tell you, once and for all, my cauliflower soup did not turn out well. of course, i did not of read the rezept. as the old song goes, my fault is nobody’s fault but mine. the soup map not posted yet, i forged on in darkness, with a mere slip of a notion of how to turn a cauliflower into a liquid.

    i cut corners and scrimped at every turn. substituted and added and divided and did many other things Stephen Mount taught me in the hallowed halls of 7M. in the end, i created only gas. science had again gone too far, fueled by mans foolish pride. the verdict was harsh and swift. after her first and only mouthful, Docent said ‘Mum, I’m not really a Soup Lady’.

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