vanilla roasted pears

well its been a long time…and ive almost nearly forgotten what to do. i think generally it goes photo, bemoan something or someone, photo, recipe – self-congratulatory sentences peppered throughout. probably need a new formula. these are just pears. in an oven. butter. vanilla. sugar. i cant see how anything bad could possibly happen. any idiot can roast a pear but i will say this things: 1. they are good. 2. not any idiot can roast a pear because i looked up a recipe that called for too much sugar and so point 1 was in fact a lie and they were not good, they were sickeningly sweet. 3. im an ideas man and so i dont give to you recipes that are difficult – i just think of them for you so you dont have to sit around wondering what to bake. and i do it for free. out of love. love of all things baked. but mainly love of the validation you give in return. 4. these are step one in a two-tiered recipe and will be used tomorrow in my next trick. so here is an adapted recipe because the one i used was dishonest and shameful.


4 pears halved and cored

1-2 vanilla beans depending on you extravagance

1 tbsp sugar – or just a sprinkling. not a quarter of a cup – you’d have to be off your tree to use that much. or an overweight american.

squeeze of lemon juice

2tbsp water

2tbsp butter

preheat oven to 190degrees. scrape vanilla bean and mix it into the sugar. lay pears down onto baking tray cut side up. drizzle over lemon juice. dot with butter. sprinkle with vanilla sugar. put vanilla beans in and around and pour the water into the tray.

put into the oven for 30 minutes. take them out. turn them over. baste with the juices. put them back for another 30 minutes

looks kind of ugly. as an image. but knowing what you all know about pears, butter, vanilla and an hour in the oven im sure you’ll take my word that it is so far from ugly and as close to perfection as a girl can get.

nother post coming soon. using these very same pears. stay with me. and smoo, i thank you for the occasional nudge. cant think of the right hey dad joke and so im posting this off into the ether, feeling just a little bit defeated.


3 Responses to “vanilla roasted pears”

  1. 1 jo September 17, 2010 at 1:54 am

    snowbs I love it when our seasons match up. you got pears, we got pears!

    were they crunchy inside? i can never get my things to roast through properly. what is the proper texture of a roasted item?

    moose always microwaves things pre-roast, but i cannot bring myself to do this.

    oh now i’ve said too much (i haven’t said enough)

  2. 2 schlepseleh September 17, 2010 at 8:41 am

    well crunchy is a very strong word – id say they had bite and shape but yet were soft. not soft like you get from poaching however. i dont pre-soften them because i frankly see no need (dont drop the wood its part of my name.) i think that to eat these snow with some greek yoghurt would be a truly wonderful experience. and how i wish you didnt comment in clusters.

  3. 3 smoo September 17, 2010 at 10:08 pm

    They look divine particularly when clicking on the photos to show them in full screen mode – I could almost touch taste them. Might even give these a whirl for Gma’s bday tea… I’m so glad you are back again.

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