raspberry and caramelised white chocolate cakes

i recently happened upon a moralistic, self righteous blog about correctly crediting recipes. and i dont like that kind of sermonising…about anything really. to misappropriate the immortal words of pipi longstocking: “how can you sell a recipe? you cant wrap it up, you cant carry it away and you certainly cant put it in your car.” not quite the point but as margurite, the great spokeswoman for the great intellectual organisation Resistance put it (every single saturday morning on the steps of flinders street station), “a seed is not a tree”…and so it follows that an amalgamation of ingredients is not a recipe. its an idea. a spark. and for these caramelised white chocolate cakes my spark was stolen. and not credited. adapted. but even if it werent i wouldnt apologise for it. if this post seems a bit obnoxious and bolshy, it might be on account of the amount caramelised white chocolate i consumed this evening. i also used some raspberries. fresh ones. ten dollars a raspberry. highly unseasonal. highly unlocal. highly unfriendly. but mainly delicious. im not going to lie – caramelising white chocolate is no easy thing and its slow. but worth every minute.

ingredients (makes about 4-8 ramekins, the small ones. i halved the original recipe.)

85g almond meal or ground almond

55g plain flour

pinch of salt

170g caramelised white chocolate (warm)

22.5g butter

22.5g sugar

2 eggs

to caramelise the chocolate: heat the oven to 120C. break up the chocolate into small bits. put it in the oven to warm for ten minutes. remove and spread it with a spatula – it will melt as you spread it. its not easy to move around but no one ever said it was gonna be easy.

put back in the oven for another ten minutes. then remove and mix again.

repeat this until the chocolate starts to turn a golden brown colour. mine took about an hour – with mixing/spreading at ten minute intervals.

it might be lumpy or grainy but if you put it in a bowl and stir your brains out, it should smoothen up. yes. smoothen.

to make the cakes, preheat oven to 190 degrees. mix together the flour, almond meal and salt and set aside.

mix the melted butter into the warm caramelised chocolate mixture. then add the sugar and the eggs and whisk like madness.

fold the flour into the chocolate mix and stir to combine

pour into ramekins and fill just over 2/3 the way up. i filled about a quarter of the way up and then placed raspberries on top and then filled the rest up.

put into preheated oven for 12-15 minutes.

theres a fine line between moist and uncooked. but as an eater and supporter of raw everything – cookie dough, cake mix, muffin mix, pastry dough et al, its one i like to tread. and indeed i did. so much so i might suggest you leave them in for a bit longer. until golden and cooked on top and slightly less so in the centre. fin.


7 Responses to “raspberry and caramelised white chocolate cakes”

  1. 1 smoo August 20, 2010 at 12:33 am

    Caramelised white chocolate? What can possibly be next or better? Sounds amazing. Even if it is very time consuming. It would have been far more productive for everyone had I spent the last two hours caramelising chocolate rather than unsuccessfully attempting to resurrect my dead phone and instead only proving that I’ve lost all the phone’s precious information. I’m reverting to cute litte address books and passwords on sticky notes from now on. Oh for some caramelised chocolate and raspberries, even if they are $100 each…

  2. 2 Matthieu August 20, 2010 at 3:45 pm

    yes and a baking sheet is not a tray. even so, me and the mumsticks enjoyed them, ta. it is a further and an imaginative use of chocolate that this house is begining to be accustomed to, amalgamation being what it is it should however, for instance, stop at vegemite potato crisps. and chocolate sandwiches. but you arent one for listening to the words no no and no.

    • 3 schlepseleh August 20, 2010 at 3:52 pm

      no i never cared for those words. they mean nothing to me. your appreciation however does, and is appreciated. chocolate sandwiches for dinner. (i’d write x but a) this is not a correspondence and b) as the melbourne uni coffee cart people said to 4 brians who wanted to put up a poster on the cart for entrepreneur week, ‘if i do it for you, id have to do it for everyone and c) xx)

  3. 4 Matthieu August 20, 2010 at 3:56 pm

    you should always appreciate the efforts, indeed any efforts, that the brians manage to do. especially when it involves the word entrepreneurial, or minipreneurial, or ecopreneurial. do it for the brians.

  4. 5 Владимир Ильич August 21, 2010 at 5:15 pm

    eeegads, you may not be (read: aren’t) a good person but you sure are one heck of a baker.
    somehow, this post waters my mouth more than any other to date. of course, there are raspberries the addition of which can make even cat vomit appealing. however, there are so many things wrong with this affair. to begin:
    i)white chocolate. it is surely some kind of heresy to append the great name chocolate to so sickly sweet a thing. many wise people contend that not only is it heretical but alchemically misguided. cocoa butter is not cocoa solids and as watson rightly asked: “how can you not know that? its primary school stuff!”
    ii) while it is possibly acceptable to excuse obnoxiousness on the grounds of excessive consumption of white ‘chocolate’, i’m saddened and fatigued to read you shirking away from bolshevism. since when did this blog become some sort of social democrat haven? has the ease and degeneracy of your bourgeois, inner-urban lifestyle forced from your mind the plight of the working class? you, my dear, stand for far too many ‘white’ things, if you catch my drift. but i’m quite sure that a crypto-menshevik such as yourself does not.

    points i & ii aside, please keep posting. just not about white chocolate. this is the first and last time that i have been tempted by it and i hope never to fall prey to such temptation again. i suppose what i really want to know is: i) could this be done with some sort of real chocolate and raspberries? and ii) please do so.

    Владимир Ильич Ленин

    • 6 schlepseleh August 22, 2010 at 10:56 am

      hello bannakaffalatta. ive said this to you in the privacy of our telephonic conversations and i will now say it to you in this very public space. i happen to know you have a penchant for white chocolate, mitigated though it is by the guilt and shame of loving one so full of butter and so devoid of solids. i am doubtful that this would work with dark chocolate or any other chocolate. i will also say, if you insist on continuing with this charade – that this tasted nothing of white chocolate. it was remarked upon by a number of consomateurs (amongst whom you were not one) that there didnt appear to be any trace of chocolate whatsoever. its more of a dark car-mel taste. strangely nothing that resembled chocolate. but i mean, as any good social democrat knows, this is a free country and no one is stopping you making a “real” chocolate cake with raspberries. go and exercise your democratic right to make whatever cake it is you desire but know that your mouth waters from the three simple words “caramelised white chocolate”. and come the revolution it will be caramelised white chocolate for all and sundry (communications). p.s. i prefer crypto jacobin. i have worked very hard for that appellation and i would appreciate you address me as such in all future correspondence.

  5. 7 jo August 31, 2010 at 1:24 pm

    revolutionary theories aside, the bolshoi does make a good point (ballet ref).

    B’s revisionist approach re white/dark chocolate is nothing short of reactionary, though i myself find the underlying notes of social outrage much too strong for my middle class tastes.

    perhaps you could prepare a manifesto (aka recipe) in this vein, averse as you are to chocolate itself?

    until that day, my cry remains the same: ‘peace, bread and chocolate cake!’

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