french toast

its not because anyone needs to learn how to put a piece of bread in some eggs and milk and fry until golden that i post this. its because this is a different french toast – taken to a whole new level on account of an excess of a lemon infused custard that was taking up valuable fridge space. how could it go wrong? well, ill tell you. if you are so far gone as to coat your bread in custard be aware that it is very rich and something about its properties made the toast very claggy. not what we want. so i just cracked an egg and poured a drop of milk into the lemony custard for round two and it worked perfectly. it had quite a sharp lemon taste but was still wholly recognisable to the palate as french toast – only a french toast elevated to new lemony-vanilla-y heights.

this was attempt one – bread into custard. at this stage the looming claginess was not yet apparent and so we continued merrily on our way, unawares of the mistakes we were making, mistakes only knowable retrospectively with the benefits of hindsight.

faces were made. the words “claggy”, “cloying”, and “strange” were liberally peppered in attempts at describing the experience. so amendments were made. a moment of reflection, one egg and a dash of milk were added.

and it wasnt just better than attempt number one. it was really very very good. it didnt need a squeeze of lemon. it didnt need the mound of sugar which is usually piled on french toast (though it got it, because it cant hurt). it could have done with some poached fruit on the side but that suggestion was laughed at and the only fruit on hand was a banana and the object here was to avoid clag, not increase it. so the next time you have a lemon custard glut (a position we all find ourselves in from time to time), try it. its lovely.


3 Responses to “french toast”

  1. 1 matthieu April 11, 2010 at 12:28 pm

    “fruit…laughed at…” ha ha ha, thats the funniest thing i read all morning. lets go to the marche, as they say over that way pointing to the north.

  2. 2 jo April 12, 2010 at 8:52 pm

    this brings to mind countless sunday mornings after sleepovers involving a frantic smoo running to brumby’s, picking up their interpretation of ciabatta, and you working your french toast magic.
    or as we say in america, freedom toast.

  3. 3 fierystatehotel April 22, 2010 at 1:17 pm

    “bread into custard” is quite possible one of my favorite photographs. If I hadn’t read the word “clag” multiple times in this post, I might have gone on thinking this custard-drenched bread looked pretty edible as-is. good thing someone told me what was really going on here!

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