jungle juice – test post

it is with a great deal of trepidation and ambivalence that i proceed with this post. is it for me to become a self-proclaimed arbiter of good taste? certainly not. however, in my wanderings i do see a great deal of things food-like to which i am drawn, like a moth to a flame. and so i thought that a celebration of such delights, or perhaps just a discussion therein thereof, may be an attractive outpost for this blog. i myself, disagree but you dont know until you try so here it is…my good friday kaffe and kuchen at a too-trendy-to-have-chairs cafe.

very very good friday coffee

stuck in the mitte with you – my good friday chocolate muffin-cupcake

now i dont usually take my muffins heated up. if im asked whether or not id like my muffin warmed i turn and run. because a muffin that needs heating falls under the same category as a muffin with a topping – highly questionable. however this instance was different from all other instances for reasons which are twofold. 1. i was not asked. and theres something to be said for that sort of audacity and assuredness. 2. this was not an ordinary muffin. it inhabited the space which lies between muffins and cupcakes. it filled that gaping void and managed to hold its own. in addition, this objet d’art was chocolate and that fact alone is enough to exempt it from the usual categories and strict, unrelenting regulations pertaining to muffins. so i raise my chefs hat to the muffin and its maker.

and with that last gratuitous shot i promise never to publish another such post again.


3 Responses to “jungle juice – test post”

  1. 1 stipple effect April 6, 2010 at 5:00 pm

    huzzah for the shopkeep!

  2. 2 stipple effect April 6, 2010 at 5:01 pm

    huzzah for the shopkeep! (and the fancy scribbler)

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