from nyc with love…by snow


Winter, spring, summer or fall… all you got to do is call.

I’ll be there, Moon. And so will apples & carrots.

It’s spring for me in NYC, autumn for Moon in Melbourne. How can it be?
I don’t know; like daylight savings time (&/or Round The Twist), it’s both confusing and magical.

It can be difficult- while I’m dealing with winter longings for hot chocolate and kasespätzle (google this it’s worth it), she’s breezing about with a forkful of watermelon. When I’m looking for somewhere to store my winter coat for the summer, she’s got tons of closet space because she’s got all her winter layers on.

But some things, and by this I mean only Moon, the two recipes found below and Carol King’s friendship, transcend the very real seasonal/cultural differences we face. These are my constants, my life truths, the foundations of existence.

I give you Carrot Soup & Apple Pie. Like a Burberry trench (without the guilt seasoned with self loathing but that’s between me & my conscience), these get a year round, everyday ‘yes’.

carrot & coriander soup

Make this carrot soup. Freeze it for the cold times, if you need. Believe that sometimes, things add up to more than the sum of their parts. And perhaps, just perhaps, you can, too.

2 tbsp butter

1 tbsp coriander powder (cumin powder, if you are moon, or ginger, if you are gma)

1 leek, washed (don’t forget, however much you wash a leek, you have to wash it some more) & finely chopped

CARROTS (how many you got? 2lbs? 1.5kg? 1 tonne? Ok! Peel & chop them.)

Vegetable Stock (I like Massel stock cubes, but also trust Knorr. Goya? Stick to painting!)

• Melt butter in the biggest vat you have

• Add chopped leek, sauté for a few mins

• Add powder of choice, season w. salt and pepper. Cook for a couple more minutes.

• Add carrots, sauté till covered in the leek mix.

• Add enough stock to cover carrots thoroughly, more if you like a thinner soup.

Simmer for as long as you can stand it, then puree and serve (I recommend a spoon of heavy cream or yoghurt, some pepper and a sprig of fresh coriander for good looks).


2 Responses to “from nyc with love…by snow”

  1. 1 Berry April 1, 2010 at 1:12 pm

    When I had glandular fever, modern science shrugged its shoulders and told me there was nothing it could do. Snow whipped up a batch of this soup and I was better in no time flat. It’s only a matter of time before the Nobel Prize Committee hears of this.

  2. 2 jo April 2, 2010 at 11:23 am


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