hyperlinks and hypercooking: how to blanch an almond

i didnt know… so i looked, i read, i learnt. here are my findings:

get a pot full of boiling water. pour in almonds and leave them in for a minute. absolutely no more. i think even a minute is pushing it but what do i know..im but a humble food fetishist…so i do as im told. take them out and drain them and immediately rinse with cold water. then lay them out on some paper towel and their skin will be very saggy like that of a person who has lived life longer than they probably should. and then just pop them out – they come out quite easily and some swearing and muttering, the stubborner ones should cave too. once all the skins are removed, lay them out flat to air. (i also read that should they be too soggy you can try rehabilitate them by putting them back in the oven briefly to dry out.)


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